Client & Colleague Testimonies

Others that have used JS Compliance, have the same replies– the company assumes responsibility for developing and/or improving programs, policies, & tools where highly hazardous chemicals, such as ammonia for refrigeration systems, are used.

The company protects their clients employees and investments to prevent unnecessary releases that could lead to exposures and/or environmental (off sight) releases. 

The company provides services for implementing and continuously improving the elements of PSM (e.g., Process Hazard Analysis, Mechanical Integrity, Compliance Audits, etc.). If you hire the company, you will have company oversite for and selected facilities or all the facilities within your organization. The standardization results of the program implemented are easy to see the facilities compliance at a glance and if ever inspected by OSHA and/or the EPA, they can be easily managed. You will be in good hands!

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Servicing the United States of America and Canada